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Real Estate

Real Estate happens to be the business in vogue. Very much in demand, this is the area that requires extreme excellence and perfection of the staff to be able to make profits out of nowhere. Professionals with the same background are associated with us to adjudge the needs and preferences of the real estate companies requirements.




Banking & Insurance

During the period of regain in the economy, Banking and insurance are the two sectors that need the greatest comments to generate the greatest output. But it becomes necessary to divide the pocket resources into the potential areas in a right way to gain the largest. The entire commerce stream graduates and professionals interested in the said fields are assured with desired job in reputed companies and work engines.





Financial services & consulting

We are in contact with almost all the leading financial institutions and consultancy agencies. This leads us to practice our vision in a correct way. If you are good at your financial understanding and calculations and looking out for a good job in the field too, you have landed at the right place and even if you are a financial start and looking for perfectly professional human resource, then you too are going good. We take the liberty to say that because the consultancy team of ours tests the people on all the required fields that mark an individual worth work material.




Business Process Outsourcing is the area where jobs are taken away and given away too like hot cakes, but the process is not an easy one. It happens to be the in carrier option today for the young but you need to fulfill certain requirements and if you do you can earn anything up to Rs. 50000 per month. All the candidates, well versed in at least two languages along with the basic education must contact for their dream job.




Knowledge Process Outsourcing is the fresh be of the town that has been here for quite a while now. Derivate of Business Process Outsourcing, KPO is outsourcing of high-end knowledge work of the firms and companies. Cost savings, operational efficiencies, access to a highly talented workforce and improved quality are all underlying expectations in off shoring high-end processes to India. According to a report by Global Sourcing Now, the Global Knowledge Process Outsourcing industry (KPO) is expected to reach USD 17 billion by 2010, of which USD 12 billion would be outsourced to India. In addition, the Indian KPO sector is also expected to use more than 250,000 KPO professionals by 2010, compared with the current figure of 25,000 employees. So, come and grab the opportunity!




Power & Energy

Yes, this is also the area we venture into. If you are a professional looking for a job in this quite variant area of excellence, in power and energy, Career Vista is the one that can help you out! We give you the all-possible job opportunities with the leading companies of the field in India and abroad. So, just fill in the form and bid adieu to your job problems!




Rapid expansion of the automobile industry in the recent years has lead to increased demand for professionals in this field. Career Vista endeavors to find the best possible job opportunities in this periphery for the young and talented people. Association with the leading automobile companies of the nation adds to the credibility of the organization.





Telecom industry has been the most flourished, promising and in demand field and not to forget, the leading one! We manage to proffer the best of imaginable job opportunities in this sector! Telecom is area where our placement company proves to be the best! Affiliation with Apex Telecom institutes, companies and organizations lends all the candidates an opportunity to explore the finest jobs available in the most sought after sector of the world!





Information Technology is the field that has excelled remarkably and is on the top in the list of career options; the young students look out for! Promising excellence in finding the best-suited candidates for the organizations is the forte of Career Vista and we always stick to it!



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